These Q+A’s are based off of super valid + helpful questions that I get asked very often!

I wanted to create a place where your questions and maybe ones that you may not have thought to ask me are answered! I want to serve y’all to the best of my ability and its why I’ve created this FAQ. Feel free to shoot me an email if there’s another question you have thought of that you think could be beneficial to add! Because this page was made for YOU.


Where are you based out of?

Florida! I am also in California + North Carolina a good bit as well though because I have lived in both states for a good chunk of my life. Because of that, I have lots of connections + weddings there. Its wonderful and so much fun! I’m all over!

Do you provide wedding albums or prints?

Yes to both! In my most popular wedding package I select and print a few of my favorites along with the entire wedding on a hard drive! All of my wedding packages though, I provide an online album.

I will say though that I have found that providing my clients with a full resolution online wedding album gives them more freedom to use their photos at their own disposal! Whether that is creating a physical wedding album or prints. I do highly recommend Artifact Uprising for wedding albums and prints to my clients as well because they come out looking absolutely stunning! ✨

Do you do bridals?

Heck yeah!!

Do you bring a second shooter with you to weddings?

Totally depends! I will say not as often as you may think. To be quiet honest I am able to capture everything on the wedding day solo no problem 90% of the time. I only highly recommend a second shooter to my clients when they want me to capture two separate events at the wedding that are happening at the same time because I obviously can’t be in two places at once. But, this is rarely or if ever the case!

It definitely depends on the wedding day! But I never put a cap on how many photos I am going to capture on a wedding day. That’s silly to me because each wedding is so unique and has their own set of special unplanned moments that make the day that much more special. But typically, my clients will receive anywhere between 600-1000 edited photos from me in their wedding album depending on the wedding day.

How many photos do you usually provide in a wedding album? Do you have a set number you try to stay at?

Yup! It depends on the traveling situation though. If out of state, I have a super awesome out of state discount I provide. But, if the wedding is located in Florida (which is where I am currently based out of!) I charge by the miles I will be driving and if I will have to stay overnight near the venue!

Do you have travel costs?

Of course!! Like I said above, I even provide a traveling discount!

Are you up for traveling for any kind of photo sessions?

It definitely depends on the situation but I am totally open to a payment plan that will work for my clients best :)

Do you provide flexible payment plans?