I’ve always had a desire to create for a purpose bigger than myself.

I am currently an FL-based young lady with a piece of my heart towards the West Coast where I was born and raised in sunny Southern California. I have always had a deep desire and pursuit for adventure and to seek beauty in all things in life. I seek it mostly in traveling in the outdoors towards the mountains and in people.

When I am not taking photographs of lovely humans, you can usually find me scoping out coffee shops, laughing/squealing way too loud, exploring the outdoors, or spending one-on-one time with people. My love language is quality time. I value the meaningful conversations and the unique qualities that each person has that no one else does. I long for meaningful friendships that spur each other on to stay humble and highly aware of the life Christ lets us all get to be apart of.

I adore and strive to capture the big and small moments in my life through photographs. Photographs are timeless. They allow us to hold onto a moment in time that we can go back to over and over again and be able to pass it down for generations to come. They bring joy, beauty, and reachable memories to our lives. I want to share this truth and passion I hold with others by giving them the chance to have a collection of photographs that exude who they really are. My goal is to show every single individual I encounter with my camera their effortless beauty and personality. I strive to achieve this by having my sessions be full of laughter, growing in friendship, and creating something organically beautiful together.


Fun random facts about me:

- My friends and family either call me Tay or Tay Tay. Legit I am used to being called those two nicknames more than my actual name.

- Jesus is my everything.

- My favorite color is sunset. Yup, that is more than one color. Any color you can think of that can be in a sunset, I love so much.

- I love me some ice cold La Croix and a good cup of coffee. Give me one of those two beverages and you’ve got a good chunk of my heart already.

- Speaking of coffee, I love to explore new coffee shops everywhere I go! Seriously so obsessed. Such a happy thing to do, especially with a good pal with me!

- For all my personality test lovers out there, my Enneagram is the “Helper” Type 2 .

- My happy place is being up in the mountains or at the beach. I am that girl that can’t choose which one is my favorite. They are both my favorites for completely different reasons.

- Plants and flowers make me SO happy! I can never have enough. They’re just so beautiful and bring so much life to any location.

- I’ve been pursuing photography since high school. I have been investing into my love for photography for half my life at this point and it just gets better and better!

- To say that I love animals is an understatement. If I could hold and pet every furry creature I cross paths with, I would!

- I am an extrovert with introvert qualities! People make me so happy and energized but I definitely need my me time to recharge.