Andrew + Emily | Tennessee Mountains Intimate Wedding


What a special day this was.

Andrew & Emily have the most creative & kindest souls. I’m not even slightly joking or exaggerating either. They are so authentic & genuine in everything they do together and as individuals. When Andrew told me he wanted me to capture their wedding up in the TN mountains I about died. Andrew has been such a inspiration and dear friend in my walk with photography with his immense wisdom and encouragement throughout the years. To say the least, Andrew Neel is the freakin’ man and wizard with the camera. And Emily! My gosh she might as well be an angel. She beams joy on another level and it showed through every second of their wedding day. I admired so much how she was able to live in the moment on every second of their wedding day. She took her time, loved others, and let the tears flow anytime they wanted to. That’s not an easy task for a bride to be in the moment the whole wedding day. She made it look like a breeze. Andrew & Emily both knew what was important to focus on and what wasn’t for this day. It made the day so much more memorable and beautiful. For example: Emily’s bouquet was handmade from vines, leaves, and flowers off the side of the road in the TN mountains. Like, what. It’s unreal when you see how they turned out below!

All of that to say - getting to capture their wedding was beyond an honor. I will never forget this day.

Taylor Ann Photography